February 23, 2024

Haskellbrain Harder: Week 5 Exercism

Week 5 of 48 in 24! This time around we’re doing Protein Translation. Basically, take a sequence of amino acids and translate that into a list of proteins. Each triple of amino acids – a codon – gets mapped to a protein. Or rather, some codons are valid proteins, some represent a “stop” signal, and others are garbage and should throw an error. Bash The first language I thought I’d try this week is bash. Read more

February 15, 2024

Javascript crimes: Week 4 of 48 in 24

I’m now well over a week behind with these challenges, so it’s Thursday of week 5, but we’re just finishing up week 4. Part of the issue is I’m quite bust, but part of the issue is that I am trying to use this as an opportunity to learn elixir, and I’m doing the elixir learning track. This means that the exercises are locked until I do the relevant learning exercises that teach the concepts. Read more

January 23, 2024

Starting off easy: Week 1 of 48 in 24

Exercism – one of my favourite “learn to code” websites – is doing a thing where each week (ish?) there is a new challenge to solve a coding exercise in several languages. It’s called “48 in 24”. It looks like you get a bronze medal if you solve the coding exercise in some language, a silver medal if you solve it in three specific languages, and a gold medal if you solve it in any three languages in 2024. Read more

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